Team of WunderAgents

Leadership Team

  • Team matti

    Matti Biskup

    Managing Director

    Founder and Director of WunderAgent. He studied engineering economics at the internationally renowned Berlin Technical University. Matti embodies the company’s innovative, forward-thinking spirit. Where some see obstacles, he sees opportunity to find creative, practical solutions. He is always looking for challenges and was giving a great input to companies like ImmobilienScout24, DeskWanted and SumUp with his excellent knowledge.

  • Team andre

    André Torkler

    Managing Director

    André Co-Founder and Director of WunderAgent has more than 7 years’ experience in the real estate and finance business. He is and was always focused on Sales, Operations and Business Development. Prior to WunderAgent he was earning a lot of knowledge as the director of SumUp and as Internationalization Consultant at ImmobilienScout24. His aim is to find a smooth way of to bringing landlords and tenants in an effective way together. On doing so the satisfaction of all clients is his supreme premise.

  • Team weston

    Weston Hankins

    Chief Technical Officer

    Co-Founder of WunderAgent. He studied engineering and started his career at Microsoft. Besides a lot of major worldwide projects he was also CTO of CouchSurfing and For big challenges he finds huge solutions.-Scalable, elegant and workable. He is known for his excellent work that is building up technology platforms. Every deployment shows his work and reflects his utmost efficiency meeting all deadlines. WunderAgent keeps getting bigger every day and he is constantly tackling challenges. Not only does he ride the cutting edge, he is going to make it.


  • WunderAgent Julia Flemming

    Julia Flemming

    Julia is taken the responsibility for the operations department in selling and leasing of properties. Real estate is not only part of her work but also her passion, which thus motivates her in mastering all of the daily challenges she is faced with. She is always working wholeheartedly toward meeting her clients’ needs to their maximum satisfaction.

  • WunderAgent Anna Schön

    Anna Schön

    Anna is not only the company’s voice but also serves as a contact person for our clients whose satisfaction is her top priority. She completed a degree in business communication and has already enriched the work environment of other startups by means of her ingenuity, attention to detail and empathy towards others.

  • WunderAgent Patrick Heinrich

    Patrick Heinrich

    With a degree of professional studies in real estate he is an absolute expert in his field. He knows the real estate market like the back of his hand and acts as a link between its different interest groups. His passion for soccer and the attention to his teammates also transfers over to his professional life, where he is always searching for an ideal solution to help our team move forward.

  • WunderAgent Mariam Chantah

    Mariam Chantah

    Studierte International Business und Management in Groningen mit dem Schwerpunkt Unternehmensstrategie. Sie erschließt für uns neue Märkte und treibt die Weiterentwicklung unserer Produkte voran. Dabei hat Sie nicht nur die Deadlines im Blick, sondern auch immer ein Lächeln auf den Lippen.

  • WunderAgent Tim Torkler

    Tim Torkler

    After successfully completing a dual course study at the advertising agency BRAINS, Tim has joined our team to combine the achieving of our goals with the understanding of how our clients’ problems could be ideally solved. The result? Well-formulated product concepts that help us see both our past achievements as well as our future goals.