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About WunderAgent

Our mission

We accompany our customers step by step to their real estate investment goal.

We WunderAgents do not see us as mere brokers. How could we? After all, we are not only about buying and selling real estate. Our overall mission is to educate and to bring people closer to real estate as an investment form.

Why? It’s simple. Because Germany has far fewer property owners than other European countries. Houses, apartments and properties are very good ways of retirement provision and generating passive income - if you know how. And we know that.


Matti Biskup

Matti is not just the founder and CEO of WunderAgent. He is the forward thinking spirit of our company. Where other people see obstacles, he sees opportunities to find creative and practical solutions. Since he successfully completed industrial engineering studies at the Technical University of Berlin, he has been looking for challenges and has enriched ImmobilienScout24, DeskWanted and SumUp with his in-depth knowledge.

Andre Torkler

André is Founder and Managing Director of WunderAgent, and has been active in the real estate and finance industry for 7 years. His focus has always been on sales, operations and business development. During his time as Managing Director of SumUp and as an Internationalization Consultant for ImmobilienScout24, he gained his startup and real estate experience. His goal with WunderAgent is clear: bringing buyers and sellers together faster and easier. In a team with all other WunderAgenten his focus is on the satisfaction of our customers.


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