SMART Invest

Invest successfully in real estate
SMART Invest is our unique service concept that opens the way to your real estate investment. Together with you, our experts determine your appropriate investment strategy and find the right investment property for you.

SMART Invest within the WunderAgent property cycle

SMART Invest includes the search, conception and strategic planning of your real estate investment. These points are covered in the process:

  • Definition of the investment strategy
  • Financing Quick Check
  • Search for the ideal property
  • Purchase of the investment property
The SMART Invest process
1. Expert advice
During your expert consultation with your SMART Invest experts, we first discuss the key data for your real estate investment. What are your ideas? Where would you like to invest? What part of your equity capital do you want to invest? You will also be informed about your options and opportunities. Now you can take a moment to reflect on what you want to do next.
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2. Strategy definition and financing quick-check
From now on we will take over again. Based on your investment strategy, we will look for the right investment property for you in our exclusive property portfolio. Based on the definition of your investment strategy, we will only make property recommendations that match your request exactly (due diligence). Now it is up to you to decide on your property.
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3. Property research
From now on we will take over again. Based on your investment strategy, we will look for the right investment property for you in our exclusive property portfolio. Based on the definition of your investment strategy, we will only make property recommendations that match your request exactly (due diligence). Now it is up to you to decide on your property.
4. Customized property financing
You have decided on your real estate? Then we will now begin with your property financing. Let our financing partners advise you and make the right decision for you. As part of our SMART Financing service, your financing will be tailored precisely to your individual This way you can get the most out of your real estate investment and there is no loss of information.
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5. Purchase of the property
The property has been selected and, along with the financing, is ideally suited to your investment strategy. If so, you are now ready to buy. We will prepare your documents together with you and will be happy to accompany you to the notary in person.
6. Handover to property management
Depending on the strategy you have set for yourself and how much effort and time you want to put into your post-purchase investment, you can use our SMART Manage service. Here we not only refer you to our qualified partners, but also analyze your investment for effectiveness on a regular basis in order to make optimizations if necessary.
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Matti Biskup
Head of Investment Consulting
Our team of experts for your real estate investment
You share your wishes and together we define the appropriate investment strategy. Our experts will support your search for a suitable property and guide you step by step. Our advice is made by investors for investors.
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Real estate - More than just an investment

Secure retirement planning

Socio-structural changes such as the population aging and a lack of young people make the intergenerational contract, which the state provides for pension insurance in retirement, appear null and void. Many people are therefore looking for alternatives to private retirement provision, such as the well-known Riester pension or other private pension schemes. The crux of the matter is that the sum must be taxed again at the time of payment. A property has the enormous advantage that it can be acquired for ownership against the assessment of a comparatively low interest rate and continuously distributes money. So in old age a passive monthly income can be achieved in addition to the statutory pension.

Passive income

If the property is rented out, it distributes profit monthly. As a rule, the majority of this is used to repay the loan, as well as the ancillary costs of the property. However, part of the rental income can also be used for personal purposes. After full repayment, the rental income provides the perfect basis for a new investment or for a private time-out. Please note that the rental income is taxable at the end of each year.

Constant value

A real estate investment is to be seen like a savings account. The difference is that with a property you have physical ownership from day one, whereas with a savings account you define a sum x at the beginning of the savings plan and at the end you have built up a certain amount of assets. The advantage of real estate is only that - depending on the definition of the financing - it is usually even self-sustaining. In times of housing shortage, rent losses due to vacancy are hardly a risk.

Our customers give our service a voice

SMART Invest success stories

With SMART Invest, WunderAgent developed a concept that saved me a lot of research and time. I always had a reliable partner at my side and knew my investment in good hands.
Canan K., Investor from Berlin
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We stand for these values

You entrust us with your investment and we guarantee total transparency. You will be informed immediately about the latest developments. In addition, every step of the entire process is 100% traceable and comprehensible for you. And the best part is: Thanks to our well-structured and user-friendly platform you have all documents, conversations and real estate in one place.
Honesty and seriousness are extremely important to us. The success of our service is the satisfaction of our customers. This can only be achieved by guaranteeing honest advice and working exclusively with qualified and verified partners.
A real estate investment is not a short-term matter. Our aim is to provide you with a secure and sustainable investment that exactly matches your wishes and ideas. Even after your investment, you can always count on us as your contact for optimizations around your real estate investment.
Your safety is our top priority. Large amounts of money are involved in a real estate investment and we do everything to ensure that your sensitive data is in good hands with us. Confidentiality and data protection are a matter of principle.
You have decided on a property? Then you can rely on the fact that our service will not end here. We will initiate the next steps for you and accompany you every step of the process in person. Of course we are also available for questions or other concerns at any time in between.

Our Investment Services

SMART Invest Basic
Starting at 5,000€
For all those who have a lot of previous knowledge and would like to access our real estate portfolio independently. Our Basic Package is the right thing for you if you do not need or want any individual advice.
  • Access to the WunderAgent portal
  • Viewing Appointments
  • Direct access to property documents
  • Object related communication flow
Customers choice
SMART Invest Carefree
499 € *
satutory VAT included
Starting with 20,000€ equity
Enables you to make a carefree and secure investment. Our experts accompany you with their expertise throughout your investment process and beyond.
  • Individual investment strategy
  • Tailor-made property selection
  • Property-related financing
  • Comprehensive real estate portfolio
  • Monitoring of the entire investment process
SMART Invest Investors club
1.999 € *
satutory VAT included
Starting with 75.000 € equity
Join our Investors Club and get exclusive consultation for a successful investment in multi-family houses or apartment packages. Side by side with one of our experts you will become a professional yourself.
  • Access to exclusive off-market deals
  • Attractive club deals for members
  • Individual supervision by SMART Invest experts
  • Individual investment planning
* Consider this sum as a deposit in your future investment. When buying a property, this amount is offset against the commission.

Selected investment markets

Berlin is a popular investment location, especially among international investors. The German capital is still affordable compared to international real estate prices and is still considered by experts to have enormous growth potential. The demand for living space is growing every year.
  • Secure investment location
  • Ø Gross margin 2.5%
  • Ø Purchase price : 4,000€/sqm
As one of the advancing cities, Leipzig is becoming increasingly attractive as a location for real estate investments. Why? Because the quality of life increases many times over every year. Attractive employers, modernisations and the expansion of the infrastructure are only a selection of the benefiting factors.
  • Great development potential
  • Ø Gross margin: 4%
  • Ø Purchase price : 2000€/sqm