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Find the right service for your safe and successful real estate investment now! Transparent. Competent. Personal. We advise you on your individual investment strategy and send you a customized property selection from our large real estate portfolio.

Our Investment Services

SMART Invest Basic
Starting at 5,000€
For all those who have a lot of previous knowledge and would like to access our real estate portfolio independently. Our Basic Package is the right thing for you if you do not need or want any individual advice.
  • Access to the WunderAgent portal
  • Viewing Appointments
  • Direct access to property documents
  • Object related communication flow
Customers choice
SMART Invest Carefree
499 € *
satutory VAT included
Starting with 20,000€ equity
Enables you to make a carefree and secure investment. Our experts accompany you with their expertise throughout your investment process and beyond.
  • Individual investment strategy
  • Tailor-made property selection
  • Property-related financing
  • Comprehensive real estate portfolio
  • Monitoring of the entire investment process
SMART Invest Investors club
1.999 € *
satutory VAT included
Starting with 75.000 € equity
Join our Investors Club and get exclusive consultation for a successful investment in multi-family houses or apartment packages. Side by side with one of our experts you will become a professional yourself.
  • Access to exclusive off-market deals
  • Attractive club deals for members
  • Individual supervision by SMART Invest experts
  • Individual investment planning
* Consider this sum as a deposit in your future investment. When buying a property, this amount is offset against the commission.
Matti Biskup
Head of Investment Consulting
Our team of experts for your real estate investment
You share your wishes and together we define the appropriate investment strategy. Our experts will support your search for a suitable property and guide you step by step. Our advice is made by investors for investors.
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Investment analysis & strategic planning
Access to WunderAgent platform Your user account for fast and digital object search and inspection.
Investment - Check The initial contact with your WunderAgent expert to determine your investment opportunities.
Determine purchase profile Determine criteria such as location, type of property, size, equipment and price range.
Create search request Set automatic search filters according to your personal criteria in order to be offered suitable objects automatically by email.
Financing - Quick Check Please find more information on our SMART Finance page:
Individual investment strategy planning Define your individual strategy adapted to your own goals and possibilities.
Object research
Standard object search A digital search manager filters according to the specified criteria and sends you suitable suggestions by email.
Object search by experts A real estate expert actively seeks properties that fit your individual investment strategy.
Provision of all necessary property documents and information All documents and information required for the examination are provided for you digitally in our document center.
Property inspection by experts according to risks & return potential An expert examines the quality of the property, the documents and information in detail in order to identify possible risks and potentials in advance and include them in the investment planning.
Object discussion and comparison with experts An expert presents the analyzed objects and makes them comparable in order to enable you to make the most differentiated and transparent decisions possible.
Coordination and implementation of viewing appointments If required, we will organize a property inspection for you in order to clarify possible open questions regarding the condition and, if applicable, the rental.
Clarification of queries We gladly take care of the clarification of all open questions.
Transmission & discussion of purchase offers Submitted purchase offers are communicated and discussed with the seller and feedback is given to you as a prospective buyer.
Purchase of the real estate
Property financing Please find more information on our SMART Finance Page.
See details
See details
Determination of individual financing strategy In close consultation with your financial advisor, we will select a suitable financing for you in line with the object and objectives.
Coordination of financing with investment strategy Close cooperation between SMART Invest & SMART Finance Experts.
Notary appointment & communication We will take care of the entire process of commissioning a notary and communicating all points for the preparation of your draft purchase contract.
Standard sales contract discussion Any questions regarding the content of the purchase contract will be clarified in consultation with the notary.
Purchase contract optimization according to individual goals Together with your contact person, various options will be discussed in order to structure the purchase contract in favor of your individual goals without creating disadvantages for the seller side.
Coordination of notarisation meeting We make sure that a suitable date for the notarization is arranged.
Support during the purchase procedure After the notarization at the notary, we support you in the whole process regarding payment of the purchase price, handing over of the apartment and coordination with your tenant and the property management in order to guarantee a smooth transfer of benefits and burdens.
Property Management
Professional asset management after transfer of ownership SMART Manage Services at a glance:
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See details
Exclusive additional services (from 75.000€ equity)
Access to SMART Invest - Off-Market Deals You get access to objects for sale, which are not offered publicly, but only to a small exclusive circle of interested parties.
Access to SMART Invest - Club Deals You gain access to high-quality real estate investments from project developers, in which we invest together with you.
Membership in the Investors Club In the Investorsclub, entrepreneurs and investors exchange information about new developments, experiences and potentials and benefit mutually from their expertise and the existing network.

* The costs can be offset against the final transaction commission.

** Costs are billed individually per property

SMART Invest Basic Free Starting with 5.000 € Request service
SMART Invest Carefree 499,-€* Starting with 20,000€ Request service
SMART Invest Investors Club 1.999 €* Starting with 75.000 € Request service

You ask, we answer

The most frequent questions and answers

Are you as WunderAgent a classic broker?

No, because our service goes far beyond that of a broker in the classic sense. Our focus is on bringing our customers closer to real estate as an investment and to provide them with optimal and customized advice that is tailored to their needs. In doing so, we accompany the buyers through the entire process up to the successful investment. And even after the purchase we help with questions and management of the property. We have made it our goal to educate buyers during the process so that a well-founded and independent decision can always be made on the client's side. Our SMART Invest consultants are always available to assist you with their experience and expertise. And the best thing is: in the end you will still only pay the agreed brokerage commission.

A modular system is the key for comfortable renting. You have always the freedom to decide how and how much we should support you. Which services we provide and which ones you take is your choice. You have the power to decide.

The important thing is that you feel safe and happy with your decision in the end.

What does it mean if I waive the 14 days right of withdrawal? (Access to Document Center)

In principle, you have the possibility to revoke your declaration without giving reasons within 14 days. Full access to the property documents and tenant information is also delayed by these 14 days. If you wish to have full access to the documents directly, you can do so by waiving your 14-day right of revocation.

Real estate is not a staple article. You cannot apply one sales strategy and one great description for all of them. Every property is unique. That’s the reason why you need WunderAgent who knows how to manage that for you. It requires a lot of answers in every process to let your property and if everything fits perfectly, then you can be certain renting your real estate will be fulfilled in an secure and efficient manner.

What are the purchase price and immediate purchase price?

We usually agree with each seller on a "minimum selling price" at which he/she would be willing to sell. At the same time, every seller also wants to achieve the best possible price, if the demand is accordingly given. To ensure that the marketing has a foreseeable price frame for all parties, we also agree with the seller on an immediate purchase price at which he/she would be directly prepared to sell, provided that the conditions such as financing are clarified.

Can I get the documents without creating an account?

We are obliged to comply with the requirements of data protection and the money laundering law. We have created the WunderAgent platform to go through the process digitally, paperless and without a scanner by creating a user profile.

Can I also get the documents as PDF?

Yes, in the Document Center you can also download all documents as PDF files.

Where can I see the exact address of the property?

Please ask for the object documents or access to the Document Center. It is necessary for you to accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. You will then be shown the exact address.

E.g. the Full-Service Package

First of all we are going to make an appointment for an apartment viewing. After that we taking all relevant information’s, take professional photos and creating an exposé. Thenceforth we are publishing the ad on all big market places. Our Team and our technology behind are always there if you or the tenants need help. You won’t get a flood of calls or emails. We will select based on your criteria’s the first tenants for the viewing. The final decision who is moving in to your property is up to you. You got during whole process the flexibility and freedom and save at the same time and money.

What does "discreet marketing" mean?

In some cases the owners or also tenants wish that their privacy is especially protected and that further information such as object photographs or the exact address is only given to trustworthy interested parties.

How you deal with private data?

Your private information we handling real secure. The tenants cannot see any of your details. The whole communication is taken place on your website

How am I kept up to date with the process?

Yes you do. Since our smart technology process you can always see where we are right now. You can see how many tenants are interested and see their profiles. You get like an ranking and a tenant score which helps you to compare efficient.

Can I reserve the apartment before the visit?

Yes, we have made it our goal to prepare each property as well as possible and to provide all the necessary information online so that you can make a firm purchase decision even without an inspection. The inspection then only serves the purpose of making sure on site that the property is as it was presented.

Which documents I need to get started?

To start straight with the marketing of your property we would need the description of your place, photos, the layout and of course how much you are asking for rent on a monthly bases.

Why is there always a bidding process with you?

Our goal is to make the marketing process as transparent as possible for everyone. This includes that you will be informed about which bids other customers have already placed and especially if they have been outbid. Unlike in an auction, for example, the highest bid is not automatically awarded the contract. In the end, the owner always has the possibility to sell to the interested party of his choice.

I cannot find your emails

With some customers our emails end up in the SPAM folder. Possibly there is an error in the email address given.

I cannot remember my password.

If you try to log in with your email address, but don't remember your password, you can click on the "Forgot your password?" button in the same view. Then you have the possibility to reset your password and set a new one.

Can I enter a different email address for my account?

Yes, if you are logged in with your user profile, click your name in the top right corner > select "Account details" from the drop-down list > and in the "Personal details" tab you can change your email address, among other things. > to save the changes, click on "Update personal information".

How can I enable / disable the newsletter or other notifications?

If you are logged in with your user profile, click your name in the upper right corner > select "Account Details" from the drop-down list > and in the "Email Notifications" tab you can change the setting regarding email notifications.