Investment Story with Benjamin D.

Benjamin D. is Associate Director for the European Institute for Innovation. With his real estate investment he made an early decision for a secure investment and together with WunderAgent he laid an elementary cornerstone for his retirement provision.
Benjamin D.
Associate Director
What I particularly liked about WunderAgent was the solution-oriented approach and the very targeted information that was provided for me.
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What was the reason you decided to invest in property in Berlin?

When I moved to Berlin a few years ago, I first lived in a shared flat and considered buying a property for capital investment and as a retirement provision. Already at the beginning of the investment it was clear to me that perspectively I would like to move into the property myself. This prospect made it obvious to me that I want to invest in Berlin. Especially in large cities, such as Berlin, real estate is a very attractive investment opportunity thanks to secure returns and price stability, if you invest in the right property.

For what reason did you choose WunderAgent as your partner for your investment?

Thanks to a personal and trustful contact to one of WunderAgents I have chosen WunderAgent as a partner for my real estate investment. Furthermore, SMART Invest is a service that aims for a secure and successful real estate investment. Therefore WunderAgent is exactly the partner I was looking for. With the help of WunderAgent, I have found a property that exactly meets the above-mentioned parameters and on top meets my personal requirements.

How did WunderAgent help you to invest?

My two contact persons took a lot of time to discuss the investment options with me and they responded exactly to my wishes. Based on my ideas, real estate was then specifically suggested to me. Once the right property had been found, one of my contacts guided and accompanied me through the entire process from financing to the actual purchase. In this process I also made use of the SMART Finance service. Ahmet, as an independent financing consultant, guided me very well through the various options. Thanks to the transparent and clear WunderAgent platform, I never had the feeling that I was completely losing the responsibility and control for my investment

What did you particularly like about the collaboration with WunderAgent?

What I particularly liked about WunderAgent was the solution-oriented approach and the very targeted information that was provided for me. I was only provided with the news that I really needed. I was also impressed by the very fast and effective process. Even after buying the property I always felt that I was in good hands. When you invest so much money to buy a property, you always have an uneasy feeling at the beginning. You are looking for a partner you can trust 100%. Thanks to the transparent and clear WunderAgent platform, I have never had the feeling of completely giving up responsibility and control for my investment. WunderAgent sees itself as a partner who paves the way to the right investment for its clients and explains it to them. This very solution-oriented and professional cooperation and of course the personal connection to WunderAgent gave me the necessary security.

How did the contact continue after you bought the property?

WunderAgent is still available to me as a partner after the investment. At the beginning my real estate was still inhabited. After the tenant moved out, I took advantage of WunderAgent's "SMART Manage Consulting" and, thanks to detailed advice and helpful suggestions, I was able to achieve the highest possible monthly return through the rental process that followed, before finally moving into the apartment myself. I would also take advantage of the support of the WunderAgent team again at any time for another real estate investment.

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